05:34 - Friday 19 October 2018



Deputy of research an technology
Anoosh Eghdami
Assistant professor of Biochemistry
phone: 988642433030-fax: ۹۸۸۶۴۲۴۳۳۰۰۷
Email : eghdami@iau-saveh.ac.ir
Director of research and technology
Ali Elyasi
Phone : ۹۸۸۶-۴۲۴۳۳۰۱۸
Email : alielyasi15@gmail.com

The main duties of research and technology

To promote the university level, main functions of the research department as follows:

- Carry out the necessary review and make decisions on research activities.
- Cooperation in holding conferences, scientific conferences and research projects outside the university.
- Overseeing the library and databases and scientific publications and journals.
- Establishing relationships with organizations and industries to seek their cooperation in different research fields
- Monitoring laboratories, workshops and equipments.
- Steering young researchers and scientific associations, student club activities.
- Monitor and coordinate the approval of the thesis graduate students.
- Carry out research projects